Unisex Anti Pollution Mask

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Buy anti pollution mask or anti pollution face mask for men and women that provide complete protection from air pollution, dust pollution and protection from protection from swine flu like disease. This is a unisex anti pollution face mask that can be used by men and women both.

Dust pollution protection

5 layer carbon fiber protection

Protection from air pollution

No fogging while wearing spectacles

unisex anti pollution face mask

PM 2.5 mask

Adjustable nose clip

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Anti pollution mask for men and women or unisex masks provide protection from air pollution. Air outside is so polluted that they breathing without protection can harm lungs. Many people are getting cancer and asthma like problems due to polluted air. These anti pollution masks come with 5 layer protection. We manufacture them with ultra soft fabric due to which they are gentle on skin.

We offer best anti pollution mask that meet n95 mask standards, provide complete protection from dust pollution. They also provide safety from air pollutants, and harmful bacteria available in the air. So if you are looking for best n95 pollution mask, pollution mask for bikers or respirator mask, then you can buy anti pollution mask online. Because these are one of the best masks for pollution protection available in the market today.

Anti Pollution Masks, N95 Masks

PM 2.5 filter protects from harmful pollution level

5 layer carbon fiber protection

Helmet compatible so you can wear while riding

No fogging while wearing spectacles

Soft cotton lining for extra comfort

Neated stitching makes it look better

Adjustable nose clip to avoid irritation

Unisex masks package includes

Following items delivered when you order this product. Also note that it is a unisex mask that comes with adjustable strap to fit everyone with full comfort.

Product High quality cotton mask
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